16 Jun

Recovery of Precious Metals

Ecometal specializes in the processing and recovery of precious metals from all kinds of scrap and waste from the watchmaking industry. Our machines for burning, grinding, and mixing allows us to process materials such as: •  Filings and oil lathes •  Sludge from grinding, diamonds, and polishing •  Sweepings •  Dust •  Brushes, rags •  Waste from foundry, smelting, crucibles  

15 Jun


Ecometal has furnaces dedicated to processes such as: • Continuous casting furnaces • Centrifugal vacuum casting • Pressure and vacuum casting It has also the generation static furnaces. Our furnaces ensure the homogeneity of the products, and guarantee that their metallurgic properties fit with the standards required for subsequent mechanical processing as well as for the correct identification of the precious metals.

14 Jun

Gold Refinery

At Ecometal, gold is refined through chemical processing. The base gold material is turned into a fine powder, dissolved, and then reduced with a specific reagent. The use of new technology and the automation of the process allow us to simplify and speed up the work, ensuring maximum security  for operators and the environment.

13 Jun


Ecometal is equipped with a modern laboratory that can conduct any type of chemical and metallurgic analysis. Analyses are carried out by a certified Precious Metals Assayers, supervised by the Central Office affiliated to the Swiss Federal Departement of Finance. Our laboratory can provide the following: •  Semi-quantitative analysis •  Qualitative analysis •  Analysis of ingots •  Analysis of ashes •  Analysis of solutions •...

12 Jun


11 Jun

Research & Development

Research and development are synonyms with growth. It is Ecometal’s philosophy to invest in the continuous improvement of processing techniques or the development of new ones using automation, new materials, and new technologies. Our future depends on our ability to introduce and incorporate innovative techniques into our work, to remain competitive and to continue to satisfy our customers. The market is changing rapidly, which makes...