Ecometal was founded by professionals with more than twenty years experience working with precious metals, with the aim of establishing an efficient and dynamic company incorporating a high standard of both technical and commercial professionalism.


Our services, which are available worldwide, include the treatment, recovery, analysis, technical consulting, and commercialization of precious metals extracted from:

• Scraps from the watchmaking and jewelry industry (sweepings, waste, ashes, leftovers, crucibles)

• Industrial waste (sludge, dental filling scraps, solutions)

• Scraps from goldsmiths/silversmiths (chips, rods, déchets)

• Scrap gold

• Scrap silver

• Residues from equipment

Ecometal’s unique approach to materials technology, its continuous search for perfection in its work, and its particular attention to the environment render it a trustworthy partner, with whom cooperation is always an opportunity for mutual growth.