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Ecometal’s objective is to create an industry that is particularly sensitive to environmental issues, both in terms of reducing energy consumption and ensuring the proper disposal of waste.

Central cooling system (Chiller), with an adiabatic heat exchanger

A refrigeration system that allow us to reduce energy consumption thanks to its free-cooling function and its high-efficiency components

Recovery of energy from all machines that emit heat

The heat recovered is used to concentrate solutions, which would be otherwise sent to the treatment plant for processing, thus allowing the recycling of water and notably reducing the ecological burden caused by waste disposal

Recovery of precious metals

Ecometal specializes in the processing and recovery of precious metals from all kinds of scrap and waste from the watchmaking industry.

Our machines for burning, crushing, and mixing allow us to process materials such as:

• Filings and oil lathes
• Sludge from grinding, diamonds, and polishing
• Sweepings
• Dust
• Brushes, polishing strips
• Waste from foundry, smelting, crucibles


Ecometal has furnaces dedicated to process such as:

• Continuous casting furnaces
• Centrifugal vacuum casting
• Pressure and vacuum casting
• Last generation static furnaces ensure the homogeneity of the product, for the correct identification of precious metals

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